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Using gentle pulses of broadband light (also known as Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL), Photorejuvenation is a wonderful treatment for skin pigmentation issues caused by time and sun exposure. Brown spots (solar lentigines), surface spider veins, generalized redness, and rosacea all respond wonderfully to this treatment. The worse the pigment, the better the response, as the light is absorbed by the pigment (red or brown), and then the body’s own healing response removes the damaged pigment and replaces it with new, fresh, unblemished skin. Typically 5 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart are needed for best results, but this can vary greatly depending on the individual.

photorejuvenation before and after photorejuvenation before and after photorejuvenation before and after photorejuvenation before and after


    Photofacial Special
    Face - $375 (Reg. $525)
    Neck - $175 (Reg. $300)
    Hands - $110 (Reg. $160)
    Lower Arms - $375 (Reg. $425)
    Full Arms - $450 (Reg. $600)
    Chest - $275 (Reg. $425)
    *Single Treatments only. No limits. Plano Office only.


    Purchase 3 IPL Full Face OR 3 Large Area Full Face SkinPen®
    and receive additional incentives on our skinbetter Science® Skin Rejuvenating Trio.

    Call the office for details and to purchase.
    *Plano office only. Discount on skinbetter Science® available in office only


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