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Effective January 1, 2018 we have implemented new practice management system. All patients need to update their personal and medical information and paperwork which includes providing your insurance card and photo ID on EACH VISIT to our office.

Please bring completed paperwork to our office at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to avoid any delays in your visit. We are doing our very best to make this transition as easy for you as we can and we appreciate your patience.


Plano Office

5805 Coit Rd. Suite 203
Plano, TX 75093

Richardson Office

3600 Shire Blvd. Suite 210
Richardson, TX 75082

Aesthetic and Laser Center

5805 Coit Rd. Suite 202
Plano, TX 75093

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Prescription Refill

Please contact your pharmacy directly for all refill requests; they will then contact our office. They may fax requests to our Plano office at 972-769-8487 or our Richardson office 469-326-3370

NTD requires that you are seen at least once a year in order to maintain any prescription given by our providers, however, based on the condition, you may be required to seen more often. Prescriptions have been written to allow the maximum number of refills the providers feel comfortable giving without or until the need to re-assess your condition or review or test for side effects. Please keep your follow-up appointments and plan ahead to avoid being without your medication. We do not give prescription extensions if you fail to keep recommended visits or follow the treatment plan. Our policy is more restrictive than that mandated by law. The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners prohibits doctors for prescribing for a condition for which they have not been consulted. If the problem was not addressed during your office visit, the provider cannot call in a prescription later.

Refills will only be authorized if you have followed up within your recommended timeframe for treatment plans as outlined by your provider (including office visits, lab work results, or receipt of another provider’s medical records as deemed necessary.)

Some medications require pre-authorizations and pre-certifications before they are filled or re-filled, please allow sufficient time in order to avoid any lapses in medication usage. This is especially true of most acne, Biologic or topical steroid medications.

We do not refill routine medications on the weekends or evenings. Please do not call the emergency line during these times for routine medication refills as the request will not approved until we open on the next business day and can review your medical records.